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The Girbau 55th anniversary customer promotion presents its first 3,000-euro vouchers

The Girbau 55th anniversary celebration takes a step forward with the draw for the first 15 discount vouchers...

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Girbau promotes the use of towel folders to reduce time and production costs

Girbau has launched the Towel Power promotion for its FT-MAXI folders, in order to encourage its customers to...

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Girbau holds the 4th Girbau America Convention in Cuba

Girbau held the 4th Girbau America Convention in Havana from March 11th to 12th. Representatives from 21 countries...

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Marcelo Yañez, from Pronto Matic, said in our #GirbauTalks something about us: trust.
Marcelo Yañez, de Pronto Matic, destaca en nuestras #GirbauTalks algo de nosotros la confianza.
Madrid acogió una jornada técnica Girbau para gobernantas y directores de centros de mayores


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